Bee's Brighter WORLD TOUR! starting this week...

Starting with Germany and USA, Bee Bakare continues her Brighter Tour this year!

With a soft start in Lagos in 2017, UK artist Bee Bakare after an extensive local coverage and to the delight of many international fans, makes a move across to Europe and America with more cities and dates to be announced.

She will be commencing 10th March at Sofar Nuremberg. Other cities confirmed are Munich, Cologne, New York, Chicago. Los Angeles, San Francisco.

What other cities do you expect to see Bee Bakare play at in 2018? Bee is confirmed to play in Canada, Australia, Belgium and Portugal. Her Tour is set to continue into 2019 with more.

Bee Bakare's tour will include playing at Sofar sounds - with many intimate gigs around the world, listening audiences of music lovers, this supports her heart for music and people. She has played numerous Sofar London shows, loved and supported by their audiences. 

She plans to spend an extended time in the USA across cities and is very excited to meet fans all around the world who have been supporting her music and her promise to tour. She will play other shows besides the dates advertised so do watch this space and join the mailing list via the home page to stay up to date. 

Will Bee still gig in the UK? Yes she keeps her commitment to sell-out show and brain child 'Soul Stripped Sessions' which she has been hosting and playing monthly since March 2017. This will include the Anniversary show on 5th April Upstairs in London's L'escargot, Soho. 

She will still play London dates and Bristol also, where maintains a strong supportive network.

Why is she touring just after coming off a 6-week episode as a TV Judge on BBC one? Bee started this year with the dream and goal to fulfil a world tour. She is strongly motivated by her desire to inspire people to dream big and work hard believing in the impossible. As an independent artist, Bee is delighted especially to proudly say she accomplished this and so can anyone. As a former non-musician, she hopes to continue to inspire others to believe that they can pursue their passion with a plan, 'being brave' and 'not giving up'. 

Will Bee be releasing another Album soon? As she is known to do, Bee will be introducing some brand New songs at live shows along her Tour, including ones written along the way. She has no set plans for a new album yet, but is always open to the idea of new music. 

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